Issue 12

Has it already been six months? Since the last issue:

  • we concluded a successful Kickstarter which launched our first print collection,
  • the magazine had its first rewards recognition (which meant I was able to meet many of you at conventions),
  • and we had a record-breaking number of submissions during our open period.

Now we're back with another 5-story issue! This issue starts with Deborah L. Davitt's "The Lonely Dark". Under a mountain of crushing debt, an asteroid miner faces hardships he never anticipated (5950 words). Our second story is "False Identity" by John M. Campbell. In it, a detective has to deal with a suspect who performs brain surgery to alter behavior (6000 words). The third story this issue, Jim Meeks-Johnson's "The Mojo Economy," is a story about devices brought by aliens to humanity. These devices can make life easier for everyone, and the aliens only ask that each human use their device to fulfill a few assigned jobs every day. How will society change as a result? (3700 words). Next we have "The Forest Eats" by Santiago Belluco. This one is about a man who goes searching for a disease cure in a biological waste dump. He finds more than he bargained for. (6100 words). Our fifth and final story is "Utility" by Jack Nicholls. In a far future post-scarcity society, individual utility is judged very differently. When a hero astronaut returns to earth, he will need the help of a reluctant local to adjust (4300 words).

Thank you so much for your support — the magazine couldn't exist without readers like you.

Take care my friends,

Joe Stech

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Compelling Issue 12

Winter 2018

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