This month we have a long six-story issue jam-packed with interesting concepts! John Taloni's story "Fermi's Last Survivor" is a possible explanation for the Fermi Paradox (3850 words). Our second story, "The Fare to Ride the Universe" by Amy Power Jansen, has the most fantasy-flavor of anything we've ever published. It's a tale of introspection (7450 words). The third story in our line-up, Steve Wire's "Catallactics on an Asteroid," is about mining asteroids and artificial intelligence (5333 words). Next we have "Wait Calculation" by Derrick Boden. This one is about members of a generation ship that question their mission (4800 words). Our fifth story is "Urban Fanfare" by Jared Oliver Adams. This near-future story follows a young man who helps his politician mother with an event, in ways he never intended (7200 words). Our final story is "Sounds of the New World" by Hall Jameson, a story about overcoming disabilities in a post-apocalyptic scenario (3500 words).

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Finally, huge thanks to Mark Salzwedel and Emily Goodin for the great editing they did on this issue, they improved the quality enormously.

Take care my friends,

Joe Stech

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Compelling Issue 9

October/November 2017

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