I'm happy to present another five compelling stories for your entertainment! This issue is on the longer side, coming in at a total of 32500 words. The issue begins with "Tav" by Dustin Kennedy, a complex near-future story about an augmented reality company, and about how a man reacts to a secret entrusted to him by his long-time friend and business partner. This knowledge becomes a test of his very sense of self (9250 words). The second story in our line-up, "Entangled," (by Lars H. Hoffmann) is set in space, where a single man is on an incredible mission of discovery (5800 words). Our third story, "X and Y" by Lynn Kilmore, explores how society copes when a madman creates a virus that targets women (5930 words). Next we have "White Dust" by Nathan Hillstrom, a story exploring the concept of self when humans can be easily copied and sent over large distances (5800 words). In our final story, C.L. Kagmi is back with "Skychildren," an exciting tale about a secret commune in the asteroid belt full of illegally genetically engineered humans.

We'll be back with more stories in April. Thanks for reading! If you enjoy Compelling Science Fiction, I urge you to both contribute and tell your friends about us. Your patronage keeps the magazine alive and stimulates the creation of great science fiction. You can also buy issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, issue 4, or issue 5 from the Kindle Store.

Take care, my friends!

Joe Stech

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Compelling Issue 5

February/March 2017

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