This month we have a fantastic issue with mostly longer reads, starting with Pip Coen's story "Inside-of-Body Experience". The story is a unique take on sharing a body with an intelligent alien parasite (7176 words). Our second story is the shortest of the bunch, "The Virgin of Santos de la Tierra" by E E King. The tale is about human behavior and the spread of a fungal pathogen (1725 words). The third story this issue, Mike Adamson's "Hostile Intent," is a near-future corporate drama centering around an asteroid mining company (8009 words). Next we have "Museum Piece" by J. D. Popham. This one is a fun action adventure about a robot that breaks out of his museum exhibit on Mars (6000 words). Our final story is "Redo" by Larry Hodges. The story follows an alien census taker who spends 83,000 years taking a worldwide human census – and he’s only halfway through (6300 words).

Also, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that my wife and I are going to have our first baby, which I’m incredibly excited about! The bad news is that the current pace of issue releases is unsustainable for me, especially in light of my new family addition. Because of this, I'm going to go to a biannual summer/winter schedule for the magazine, with the next issue coming out in June 2018. I have to do this to ensure the quality and sustainability of the magazine. This was a tough decision, but given time and budget constraints I don’t see any way around it. However, moving to the new schedule should ensure a long, healthy life for Compelling Science Fiction.

Thank you so much for your support — the magazine couldn't exist without readers like you.

Take care my friends,

Joe Stech

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Compelling Issue 10

Winter 2017

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