ralan.com closes after 26 years by Joe Stech

If you're an author who writes science fiction short stories, you've probably visited ralan.com. The site was an invaluable resource for finding markets for speculative fiction. Yesterday the site was shut down after 26 years of tireless, selfless service. I reached out to Ralan about it and he said I could share this statement:
Ralan.com was started on 5 December 1996 and provided organized and up-to-date market listings that only accepted submissions of speculative genres, or at least elements of such. As this information was shared, other writers soon started helping back, pointing out new markets, and noting changes in active listings. Many publishers and editors were also actively involved, and this three-way interaction continued until the website closed on 1 February 2023, after 26 years & 57 days. Other sites provided a similar service, but arguably Ralan.com, at least in the speculative genres, had one of the most up-to-date market listings. Add to this the how-to-submit articles page, an extensive list of non-functioning markets, and a writing link page second to none. I offer my deepest thanks to all who helped along the way, and wish everyone the very best future.
Thank you, Ralan, for providing this service to the writing community!
And if you, dear reader, are looking for another place to discover short fiction markets, try the Submission Grinder (I am unaffiliated).

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