Issue 4 Submissions Open!


Hi friends! I'm excited to say that we've reached our funding goal for issue 4, and submissions are now open. Submissions will remain open until Dec 1, 2016. Huge thanks to Compelling Science Fiction Advisor David Baur for pledging to fund the last story, he's paying for a significant percentage of this issue. Many thanks to our incredible Patreon subscribers as well, they provide the sustaining support that keeps the magazine alive. I've started a new progress bar for issue 5, which is already 46% complete thanks to our awesome patrons on Patreon!

A couple extra pieces of news related to submissions:

  1. While the majority of the issue will still be new stories, we will be looking for 1-2 reprints this issue. The pay rate for these will be 1 cent/word. If you are an author who has a previously published story that would be a good fit for our magazine, please feel free to submit. Our submission guidelines still apply. However, please denote reprints clearly in the body of your submission email.
  2. We will no longer send back unevaluated stories when we reach our issue quota. We will read and evaluate every story submitted within the submission window, and if we find more amazing stories than we can print this issue, we will purchase them for a future issue.

Thanks for supporting our mission to bring wonder and inspiration to an ever-increasing number of people!

Joe Stech

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